Hi Mr Tan:

Sorry I didnt write back earlier as I was in a very bad shape cos of a very virulent flu.

NZ was good. Was the water hard there?

Milford Road was good but the Milford Sound was too crowded tho it was very beautiful. I am so glad I booked Doubtful Sound cos there were fewer ppl and I could enjoy it much better. I even experienced an earthquake in Doubtful Sound while on the boat so am really thrilled. And Lake Manapouri was such a gem!

Kaikoura was nice but the dolphins didnt come so they refunded part of the money.

Dunedin looked nice - wished had the time to stop and drive to Otago peninsula.

I'm so glad I didn't book to visit Mt Cook for long.... it was really barren except for the snow. Queenstown was rather expensive and boring, kinda like a Sentosa. The adventure rides were pricey. But of course Queenstown was beautiful cos of the lake.

Te Anau was good. Next time I go back, I will do so in summer so we can visit the farms.

For food we found lots of good sashimi offered at Korean restaurants. They didnt speak great Engish but their food was healthier than normal NZ fare. We walked a long way out of town centre at Christchurch and managed to find things at a mall at reasonable prices. So we did get nice chocs, jackets etc.

Thanks for helping us arrange the trip. It was a very good trip and we would love to go back again... just hoping there was more legroom on Air New Zealand! There were a couple of really noisy children on the flight back and the flight was rather bad.

SIN – 29JUN2004