Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 10:31 PM
Subject: re:Geiger - USA

Doris, Chuck and I want to thank you very much for facilitating the refund for our additional expenses in New Zealand as a result of the unfortunate problem with the Overlander Train. I do hope that you and your New Zealand colleagues will be able to successfully hold the train company accountable for providing you with tickets for a train schedule that did not exist any more.

We feel that we have been fully reimbursed for our expenses resulting from that error. Also, we were most satisfied with the service rendered to us by NTB.

Both of us regret that we will not be able to see you again before we leave to return home on Monday. However, we brought with us for you from the United States a book on our country that we hoped would be helpful to you in planning trips to the United States for other clients.
Amber will take the book to you on our behalf.

I'd like to mention a few things about the New Zealand trip that you might find professionally useful feedback - keeping in mind that these comments are our personal opinion and suit our tastes and preferences:

..We LOVED traveling in the country! We were pleasantly surprised by the general tone of friendliness and hospitality we encountered everywhere we went.
..Air New Zealand provided excellent service.
..The service provided by SuperShuttle was EXCELLENT EXCELLENT
EXCELLENT in every way and in every instance. The drivers were prompt, safe, courteous, hospitable, and informative - and in several instances went out of their way to accommodate either our needs or the needs of others under their temporary care.
..We were really impressed with the regular ferry from North to South Island - and we were fortunate enough to make the journey on a picture- perfect day. The high-speed ferry is in danger of being eliminated, according to what we read.
..We did not feel that the Sky City Hotel in Auckland nor the James Cook in Wellington was good value for money. They were perfectly acceptable hotels, just not worth what we paid for them. However, the concierge service at Sky City, as we mentioned before, was extraordinarily hospitable and effective. In contrast, we found the concierge service at the James Cook to be completely inadequate.
..The Millenium in Christchurch and the Heritage in Auckland were indeed good value for money and the concierge service at both hotels was excellent. The lounge and restaurant in the Millenium were also extraordinary, while the restaurant in the Heritage was very good, too.
..The TranzCoastal Train was not a particularly comfortable experience and the interiors of the rolling stock tend to be shabby. The train experience itself, however - the scenery, timeliness, and service aboard - were everything we so eagerly anticipated - we would go again and we would recommend it (as long as someone is prepared to sort of 'rough it!).
..On the other hand, we have NOTHING NEGATIVE to report at all about the TranzAlpine Train. IT WAS A SUPERB TRAIN AND TRAVELING EXPERIENCE! This rolling stock was VERY comfortable inside and the scenic features, the timeliness, service onboard, and comfort of travel can't be beat. For people who love trains, going over and back on the same day is an extraordinary experience. Again, we would do it all over again that exact same way, and we would HIGHLY recommend it!

Christchurch is a visitor's paradise!
..It is, like Singapore, a garden city.

..The Cathedral is well set up for visitors...and the walk up the winding stone staircase in the Tower is great fun if you're not too claustrophobic and aren't afraid of heights - but it's not for the faint-hearted!

..The tram through the historic town is an excellent value: Tourists get two-day passes for a reasonable fee. The tram company has also outfitted one of the trams as a restaurant for dinner service. There is a small menu with choices of courses and prices. The food, service, and unique experience make it a delight! We would do that again, too. You must make reservations.

..Walking around the city is easy. Taking the tram with its narrated route first is a good idea, an easy familiarization with distances and locations.

..Punting on the Avon River was grand fun - we sat in some comfort, enjoyed the scenery, and someone else did the punting!

..The Botanic Gardens should not be missed! Very different from the wonderful garden here in Singapore but equally lovely in its own way.

I think those are the most important opinions that we would like to share with you. Again, thank you for your service and for the pleasure of doing business with you.

And thank you, too, for taking such good care of our family! That means a very great deal to us.

Very sincerely yours,
Carole Geiger - USA


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