Hello Mr Po tan

Thanks for the mail.

Was thinking of writing a note to you but coming back from a vacation to
work is stressful - with loads of pending stuff to do.

Anyway the trip has been the best we have done so far. We have traveled
quiet a bit in Europe but nothing compares to this trip.

Kudos to you and Larraine in NZ for the professional help in planning &
executing the itinerary.

We covered most of New Zealand and we had an awesome time. The travel -
pick ups, drops & journey - was very comfortable and precise. The tour
guides were very knowledgeable & friendly. All the hotels except for Godley
at Lake Tekapo was clean, neat and homely. Godley I should mention, put us
in a old-looking-paints peeling-rickety furniture suite!

But over all we had a fantastic time. Thanks a ton for all your help and
please do forward this mail to Larraine & her counterparts in New Zealand
and thank her on our behalf.

Kia Ora
Nandan & Sunita
05APR-19APR 2008

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