Hi Mr Tan!

Yeah, everything was fine and good except for the missed coach. The NZ agent called us to apologise too. We missed the dart safaris trip too because of bad weather. Can you help us get the refund back? Then after that when the cheque is ready, i can go down to collect it.

NZ is just so beautiful! I love Queenstown A-line hotel the best! We spent each day fruitfully and i really hate to come back. Fox glacier walk was terrific too! But i got very bad motion sickness on the way to milford sound. Vomitted 9 times on the way there! And was raining when we were on the cruise, so didnt really see much.

Anyway, you've really been a great help and i want to thank you for doing such a great job!! THANK YOU!!

Keep me updated! In the meantime, take care.

SIN - 07 JULY 2006

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