Hi Mr Po,

Thanks for arranging the excellent journey. Overall the journey went without any major incidents. Let me give you my feedback.


Accomodations varied from place to place. At Paihai, the facilities provided in the motel was not good. It is a bit difficult to find the motel also. However, the view and the waterfalls make up for the inconvenience. If I were to visit Paihai again, I will prefer another motel.

City Central Motel facilities and location is excellent. Only thing, there is no Microwave in each unit.

Motels at Rotorua & Lake Taupo were excellent also.

The staffs at all the motels were friendly.


Driving long distances was a pleasurable experience. The views were picture perfect. The road signs were very helpful. The appropriate speed was also recommended where necessary. However, I miss driving a manual car where you can play with the gear & control the car better.

The one drawback with auto car is, it is difficult to slow down by applying the brakes on a wet surface when you are speedind at 120++++.

When I was driving, sometimes it rained, ther was sunshine, it was fogy also.

When driving to and from the city, I followed your route plan. It was helpful.


There is so much to see in New Zealand. 10 days is not actually enough. The following are the activities which I particapated:

90 mile beach up north
Treaty house at waitangi
Sky tower
Helicopter ride at Rotorua - Mt tarewara, Hells gate, fly over lakes - 90 mins ride
Duck ride - boat ride in the lakes in rotorua
Maori cultural show - 4 hrs
Waitoma caves
Visited the thermal valleys along the thermal highway - between Rotorua & Lake Taupo
Drive throgh Hamilton
Ther was not sufficient time to take the harbour cruise & city tour.

Car Rental

For your information, there is a negative perception of all car rental companies in New Zealand. The car rental companies don't seem to deliver the promises they make consistently. Perhaps you can start a car rental business over there.

Driving back from Lake Taupo to Auckland was a cruise. I started the journey at 10am and returned the the car by 3.30pm. I took a 1 hr break also.

Other areas

Food was not a problem. I did not engage in extensive shopping.

Thank you for enclosing the claim form. I shall take the necessary action.

Kia Ora.
09 JULY 2006 - SIN

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