Dear Uncle Yew Lee,

We want to say a big thank you for arranging the tour for us from 28 Mar to 6 Apr 2006.

There have been a lot of calling here and there when things go not as planned, really thankful for your good service and troubles in getting things done. Despite having to put up with inconveniences of packing and moving house now and then, we have enjoyed ourselves in the beautiful and scenic NZ. The time spent there is short, but have been a good introduction for us. For a big place filled with so much to see and do, there is 101 reasons why we should be back visiting NZ again. We have not visited so many places and have not took part in so many adventure activities we came to know of when we were there. Looking at the brochures of attractions and activities at Information booths, we really do not know what brochures you need us to take for you. There are tonnes of brochures there, our baggages will exceed weight limit if we were to pack them back.

We will definitely return again and will surely look for you again to plan the trip. There is really no one in Singapore who could offer us such good deals for tours in NZ. Kudos for NZ Specialist !

Hope that we have not been to difficult to handle as customers, we are in fact very honoured that we have been treated like VIPs when we receive reception from Serene, Winnie, James and Shirley. Really impressed by your network of people you know in NZ, this has really helped in so many ways to make our stay a memorable one. They have been good hosts and no words can describe how grateful we are for their hospitality.

Please send our regards and words of thanks to them when you visit them again soon.

We also intend to get a gift for Shirley and will need you to bring over on our behalf. We will arrange to meet up with you to pass you some requests from Shirley on the printing of name cards and also to see if you need anything from our stack of brochures we have.

Thanks once again !

Wilkie and Yin Yee


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